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weebly.com reviews and ratings by webmasters
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Weebly Reviews by Users

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nelly, 24th of September, 2013
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celina, 24th of September, 2013

Am Stacy from UK I want to give thanks to Dr ikoko for the great work he did for me, he brought back my lover who left me for 2 years within 24 hours,thanks a lot sir this is the only way I can appreciate you and I will always tell the world about you, thank you very much sir, if you need dr ikoko's help you can contact him through ikokotemple@gmail.com
Rod 10sept2013, 10th of September, 2013
Are the adds on Weebly legit? I've submitted to several of them and have yet to receive a reply.
leslie almeida, 09th of September, 2013
I have your website. I'm not sure why half of the time I'm not even in the internet. I have an hold website and after 1week I was in the internet and as well in the 5 page . I love my website but half of the time I'm not even there , I'm beginning to think that my problem is who is hosting my website. My old website I'd only paid 14$ a year and I olot more traffic coming my way. Please if there is anything I can do to move my website to the first pages other then that I have to get my money back thank you.
Matthew, 07th of September, 2013
Doesn't work. Don't use it, you're wasting your time
I spent hours finding it and it wasn't worth it.
Syed Hammad Ahmed, 02nd of September, 2013
Weebly doesnt allow to create a custom robots.txt which means that we cannot have google adsense.
Cassandra, 25th of August, 2013

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Dan Beseau, 23rd of August, 2013
I have been using Weebly since last November. Until now, their service and support has been great. However, my Pro subscription was not up until November, but they charged me in August! And although their voice message (415-375-3268) says that they would get back to me within one business day, I have left three messages in two weeks with no response.
Clare Venters Smith, 25th of July, 2013
Whilst I would not buy a domain from weebly (so expensive compared to others) I would recommend them without reservation to build your own site - I did mine in about 15 hours and could not be happier - great service and great tool

A Sword and Shield Production, 28th of June, 2013
I love Weebly. When I first got my site, I waited about five months before Id decide what I wanted to post. I probably would have waited longer if they hadnt email me letting me know they noticed I hadnt posted anything yet, and asked me whether I was please with the site. I responded, and the responded back within days.

I love Weebly. Its easy to log on to edit my site. I simply googled Weebly.com (and it does matter which Google search you use); from there I chose create a site; from there Im immediately logged on my site.

I love Weebly. Check out my site aswordandshieldproduction.com

Ive yet to learn how to use everything Weebly offers; but Im getting there.

I love Weebly!!!

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