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Smile FTP down allowed? How? - 02-27-2012, 01:40 AM

I would like to allow others (one site & user) access to a small .txt file I would upload on a regular basis. I would prefer -need- to do this via ftp, anonymous or password access. (Probably easier if they can do anon, but I can give them account/pw info.) So far, I can't figure out how to do this. Is it even allowed?

The file uploads fine, and I can pull it down via FileZilla. Too, I can see it if I put it in a subdir, or, if I make a link to it. HOWEVER, any time I try and download - as a "user", so via a browser, not my ftp client - I get a zero byte file. (I've tried subdomains, etc., as noted in a few forum posts. No luck, yet.)

This is a fairly important "test" item I would like to have working before I consider "going live" (and, probably upgrading/buying domain, etc.). Am I just clueless, or, is there some way to get this working without violating TOS in the free webhosting area? (I hope so! People who've viewed the test version of my site are curious about how they can try stuff like this for free, so it might mean more sites in future for me and! )

Update: saw which seems to be the idea, though I don't really need the password bit. (I am doing a .txt, not a .jar, but that's in the post. Pickup of file would be automated. Has to be .txt extension, and I have to be able to give them something to point at that allows the file download with minimum fuss. Embedded HTTP would clog the data we are trying to transmit - they can't/won't parse - so the "file" has to download cleanly as a .txt . Hence, the ftp, etc.) My problem with this is I am php-impaired, so I don't know where/how to try that code. (Cut & paste, probably. Need SQL database & other config? Anything I can slap on a page without all that? Dunno. Perhaps too complicated.)

I note that other filetypes seem to download okay, but not .txt. I take it this is something to do with .html and the index page. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, and I'm certainly not trying to do anything beyond TOS that I can see - the .txt file is text data to be displayed on another site, in hopes of eventually generating links/revenue, etc.. If I can't test it, I basically can't set up the link, meaning this site won't work for me. That would be a drag!

Thanks for your consideration!


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