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Default Update nameservers facil!!! - 06-25-2009, 11:28 PM

Aqui tengo la solucion cuando les aparece UPDATE NAMESERVERS

Primero registrarse desde este link

Hey, if you've clicked this i guess you are interested in a free good domain name without any advertisements.

Well, i see many people on the forums stick with stuff like "", now although that the site extension doesn't seem so bad. It does have alot of ads and unwanted things.

If you want a free domain name such as "" or", you can go to ""

Click here to go to
What is dns then?

Dns are nameservers, they point the domain to your webspace.

Now here is the real tutorial on how to add a domain to your 000webhost account:

Go to your "Members Area" and login, now head over to "Create New"... yes this does require an amount of time and also paitance.

Then next step is to choose your domain carefully.
Some domains may already have been taken. So check at freedns if they are still available. Then you go back to new and instead of choosing a subdomain ...

Leave the subdomain blank! you heard me! leave it blank.
In the "I want to host my own domain:" you enter your subdomain.

In this case i will choose "", so enter this.
Next choose a password that fits.

And press "setup new account".

You now have an account, but you will not be able to upload or see it untill you have configured it right. Since you have chosen to host your own domain. You will be presented with some information and 2 nameservers.

This will look something like:
Your domain is not yet pointing our server, so services such as FTP, Website Builder or File Manager may not work. You need to update nameservers to, for your domain. This warning will be removed once your domain will start resolving to our server (24-48 hours after nameserver update). How to update nameservers?

I have put the nameservers in bold. So you will know where to search.
So take the two nameservers in this case: and

Next thing you need to do is head back over to and login to your account. If you don't have one, you create one its free anyways.

Then choose the link that says "subdomains". You will have no subdomains i guess, so go to "ADD" and then you will have to choose a domain for your subdomain to be on. eg... "" or "".

These are my personal favorites. These are not in the list, however if you click on "Many more available" then you will get a whole text and you'll need to click "Shared Domain Registry". Once you are there. you will see a bunch of domains there to pick from.

My suggestion is to choose "" or "" they should be somewhere listed above although not the highest.

Just click it and you will automaticly go back to the "ADD" wizard.
Just fill this in:

SUBDOMAIN: testdomain (you should enter your OWN domain!!!)
DOMAIN: US.TO (should be in your dropdown list now)

That's easy right? just press save and then add a new one this time only one slight diffrence:

SUBDOMAIN: testdomain (you should enter your OWN domain!!!)
DOMAIN: US.TO (should be in your dropdown list now)

Now, it is crucial in order to make it work, you need to have registerd this domain with 000webhost, if not. it won't work.

What i mean by that is that you should see if the domain is available before you start doing all of this.

I figured this out, it's free subdomain no strings attached. No popups, no ads.
There's only one restriction wich lies with freedns.... you can make maximum 4 records.

Comes down to 2 websites, unless you go premium or (hate to say it) make multiple accounts...

Well, i hope you learned something from this, and trust me it really works.
If you don't believe me check out my website at:

It's hosted as a real domain at 000webhost right here!
So thanks 000webhost for making all this possible. (we love you! )
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