000Webhost Banner Disables Elementor Page Updates


I had previously deactivated the 000Webhost banner, but it has now appeared on the bottom of my webpages and can’t be removed. If that is a new rule for free websites, I have no issue with the banner appearing on my free website, but now Elementor will not update a page with the banner in-place.

This change in the banner policy along with the implementation of a one hour daily sleep period have really caused frustration. I understand there are limits on what can be provided for free, but these types of changes with little or no warning, have been very disruptive for someone just trying to figure out website building. Once I get my webpage fully debugged and appearing in search engines, I will probably upgrade to a paying website, but these issues really make me question whether I want my website hosted on this platform.

Can you tell me how to fix this issue?


Well, is the update button under the banner?


Sorry, your question confuses me. The Webhost banner is on the bottom right side of the page. When I go to update a page in Elementor, there is a grey “Save” button that lights up green on the bottom left side of the page when you make an edit. When it works correctly, clicking on Save updates the page, and then the button goes back to grey. Since the banner began appearing, clicking on the green button does nothing. The page never saves.


Right click on the banner, then in the inspector area, double click the banner’s code, delete the code, and hit enter


Thank you that works. It appears i have to do that every time I go to edit a page. I can live with that.