000webhost cannot email me!


I have had some websites with 000webhost for quite a few years now, and it’s great. A few days ago I moved a number of websites to the new control panel, without too much incident. However, I noticed that one of the accounts I managed didn’t receive a notification email that it needed to be moved; but I moved it anyway, figuring the email must have been lost somehow. I then noticed that the same account cannot complete the “verify email” step of the migration, because the email that gets sent by that step never arrives to me. Then, after testing what was going on there, I found that I cannot even change password…because, yes, that email that gets sent ALSO never arrives! I can only conclude that for some reason 000webhost simply cannot email me…

It goes without saying that I have checked my spam folder in my email, and I have checked that my email is correct in the account setup. I cannot understand what could be going on here, but it’s increasingly a problem because I cannot change the password or do other things as a result. What could be going on here? My email is {something}@{somethingElse}.info (dont really want to advertise it here)


What email service is it?


I dont know what you mean by that…

(I am not using 000webhost for any email, if that’s what you mean - the email is a Google account, which works fine on other 000webhost websites.)


Please note that verification emails are sent in batches to prevent server overload. Depending on when you signed up, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to send. Every time you click resend that time frame resets.


So what domain.info is it?


No email ever arrive and it has been nearly a week…


It is markwright.info


I’m a little confused so the email you are checking is user@markwright.info?
Where do you manage your emails for user@markwright.info?


The mail is handled by setting in my DNS managers (dyn.com) my Mail Exchangers: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

This causes all main to that domain to go to me Google domain mail management. This is how it’s all been for years, and all other email to that address works fine. It is only 000webhost who seem unable to email me!


Your mx record isn’t that.


Wierd. My dyn account says that it is still set to that, but using an independent checker says that there is no MX record! :confused:


OK, I’ve re-set my MX record, in the hope that will work somehow. Having looked at my email history more closely, I can now see that I haven’t received any email on that domain since I moved it to the new interface at 000webhost, so that must have triggered the problem some how. What could be going on here?

Edit: I think maybe the switch-over somehow caused the dns management at Dyn to de-activate. I have just re-activated it, and it says it will take an hour to propagate the settings to name-servers. Will check again soon…


Well, my domain host says the MX record is now active, but still no joy from MX checkers. Google suggest waiting 3 days for MX to propagate before getting upset, so I guess I’ll have to do that! :frowning:


Since you have markwright.info pointed at 000webhost.com

Could you visit your 000webhost.com control panel and Manage MX there?


Set MX record

Or setup a forwarder if you are using our MX


Oh yeh - thanks :smiley: I didnt know you could set MX records at webhost level, I thought only at domain host level! So now the MX checker is happy, and I can send myself a test email again, but still no sign of 000webhost sending me validation emails from setup when I request them. Wierd. I’ll give it a day to see if I start getting email from elsewhere again…


Hi Infinity, I got your test email (although you got spam-trapped, lol). I just got another email from outside as well, so the 000webhost MX fix must be working. But still I still get nothing from 000webhost when I try to verify my email or issue a password reset link. I’m wondering if internally 000webhost do a sanity-check on the email and are dropping .info domains? Seems unlikely, but I had the trouble in the past once that a website didnt believe .info domains existed…


I know the activation emails can take up to 12 hours on busy days, roughly 4 hours normally.


So after a day and no emails, I just changed the email to a different one of mine…arrived instantly. Ding! Clearly there is a problem with 000webhost sending email to the other address. Either 000webhost cannot send email to .info domains, or it cannot send email to a domain that it itself is managing. Either way, I no longer care as the other email is working fine…