000webhost + CloudFlare SSL = Server Error 500 (20-30% of the time)


My website https://aloride.com often get Server Error 500. Reproduceable when you try to refresh the page again and again, then about 30% of the time it got error.


Video: https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/917420/m01vk7ow6dlz1bafgtcf

It hit 000webhost, but for some reason the server return 500 sometimes. Maybe too many requests from CloudFlare concurrently?


The 500 error is not a result of Cloudflare, it is a host issue. Try deleting your .htaccess and clearing your cache.


still doesn’t work. It’s kind of intermittent.


Odd. I have visited your site about 20 times now with three different browsers, and I haven’t gotten the 500 error at all.


I have the same problem. thioron.comli.com is my website.
Deleting cache doesnt fix this. I have tried with different browsers but i get the same. How can i fix this?


@aloride @Supun I have forwarded this to an admin to see if he has any insight. When I get a response, I’ll let you know.


@aloride Refresh your website for 2-3 times, this will load your website.
And your website is working fine now.

@Supun Your website loads fine too.
if still getting “500 error nginx” then refresh your website for 2-3 times, this will load your website.

And use google DNS.


Yeah… my website loads fine… But ajax(xhr) requests returns 500 error nginx. It is a big problem. How can i fix it?


@Supun Refresh 2-3 times and this should solve your issue…


@Supun your website loads fine.


Even I refresh the webpage, ajax requests often (about 40%) sends 500 error nginx.


@Supun Screenshot plz.


This is not how it should work. The failure rate should be less than 1%.

I can point out that this is a problem with Nginx routing with 000webhost when communicating with CloudFlare.


@aloride Already admins are aware of the issue.
Still the issue is not fully fixed …but will be fixed soon.

or you can consider upgrading to premium for zero downtime.


Right now the rate is quite high. I tried to run this below UNIX command line:

➜ ~ while sleep 0.3; do curl -s -o /dev/null -w “%{http_code}\n” https://aloride.000webhostapp.com; done


Now its better. I used about 50 Ajax request but it doesnt return 500 error. Thanks


@aloride Issue will be solved…as soon the as the network nodes fully recovers.

We’ll update the forum banner as soon as the issues fully resolves.


This issue hasn’t been solved yet. Still um experiencing this issue with my website. Can you help me please?


@Supun As said above in my post… network nodes takes time to recover.

Can you post screenshot of your issue?
Because your website seems to load fine, every time i visit.

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