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Sorry, @Mathew, upgrading has no benefits.
I got the CPU-Limit reached message.
I upgraded.
I still get the message on my site.
Like the Nova in Mexico, it doesn’t run or go.


Have you upgraded to premium?
If your free account breached limits and you upgrade to premium if your data is available the team will be able to transfer it for you - providing it is available and not deleted for breaching limits/ abusive etc.
Contact the live support team on the site you’ve upgraded on :slight_smile:


Yes. I have upgraded to premium.
I clearly said that in my message, e.g. “I upgraded.”

Hosting24 transferred my files from this service (and I can still see them in my file manager) but did not transfer the DNSsettings (so when folks go to the old domain name it is forwarded to the new site). I have complained to Hosting24 and they have done nothing. Now, I am complaining on this site. If you are going to provide a service, even a free one, live up to your promises. It isn’t brain surgery.

I still don’t understand how I can breach a limit of 100 GB.
I think that is a lot of hooey by 000WebHost.


So what is your domain name and where is it hosted/purchased and I don’t think you have breached any limits on Hosting24.com but you could of breached limits on 000webhost.com


http://drquickbooks.net46.net on 000webhost.
I purchased http://doctorquicken.com from Hosting24 (free domain for signing up). That is where all the files ended up.

One of the problems with this service is that there is no way of determining how much bandwidth has been used.


Does your control panel show anything like this?


Or if you browse down to “Bandwidth”


What DNSSettings or what haven’t they done sorry?