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I have one phpBB Discussion Board hosted here which contains 2 forums:

The first forum mentioned above belongs to my website : http://strictlyhonest.com/ (Wordpress CMS, hosted elsewhere)

The second forum is to help my friends promote their creations.

Why is my website hosted elsewhere and the discussion board hosted here?
When the website is down, the forum is still up, when the forum is down, the website is still up :slight_smile:

The website also uses Cloudflare so it delivers a snapshot when the server is down completely so it keeps functional because the website uses external components (from facebook and twitter) which also work from a snapshot.
A snapshot for the discussion board is useless because it won’t be functional.




i was going to try and write my own php code for a forum, but thanks to your post mentioning phpBB3 , I had a look …I don’t think I could get to their level.

I downloaded phpBB3 then I used xampp : http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html
unpacked the download into /opt/lampp/htdocs

and tried it out. worked fine.

What i want to know is have you installed it on 000webhost.com or are you using it some where else.

If you set it up on 000webhost what main settings did you use ?

for instance I think I read that 00webhost mysql is on a separate server


not bad , picking up on your mention of phpBB3, got phpBB3 had a go and installed it locally on my own pc using xampp :

very interesting , your link to your domain is this on 000webhosting ?


Hi there,

http://bumping-beatz.tk/ and http://stunningbeatz.tk/ are on 000webhost for testing purposes and it works fine. http://strictly-discussions.tk/ has stopped.

http://strictlyhonest.com has been on 000webhost for a while (without problems, sometimes hitting the dailly limit on own IP because I like to customize a lot, but hey, it’s free), switched to hosting24.com because traffic was increasing and I wanted to offer a great experience for the user so I decided to pay for a website for the first time in my life but the problems started there, my website was disabled many times a day for high cpu usage (didn’t happen on 000webhost) and hosting24 decided to shut it down in the end instead of helping me what was causing it (asked it many times)
Now it’s running on hostgator and have never seen any problem there.

I use 000webhost for testing and needed to test PHPBB3 which really works fine but decided to use MyBB in the end: http://Godlikediscussions.tk (hosted at Hostgator) and also started http://g-beats.tk/ there for fun (unlimited domains/databases/space so I can play a lot)

To make a long story short: my experience with 000webhost is good and I use it for testing purposes, my experience with hosting24 is bad, I avoid them now at all costs.
PHPBB3 is easy to use and setup, MyBB is less easy to setup but I like to customize and I think it was a better choice for me.




I have found the free 000webhost fine also, yet strange I thought hosting24 was the paid version of 000webhost by the same people?

Nice to know hostgator is OK, I was searching previously for hosting after problems with my jsp hosting on mochahost- don’t touch mochahost with a barge pole.

Couple of quick questions following my install of phpBB3 on my own PC using xampp. I downloaded the zip and unpacked from the command line(I’m running slackware14)Did you upload the phpBB3 zip file to your web root document & then unpack. I have a mental block at the moment of thinking how to unzip a file on a remote machine? Just noticed the upload which unpacks !

Also on my own pc the MySQL path server was “local host” it appears you have to use
"mysql10.000webhost.com" here on 000webhost any other quirks or settings you could mention.


sorry for late reaction, I use the filemanager of cpanel to upload a zipfile and use the ‘extract’ function to extract it on the server and delete the zip afterwards.

I really don’t know if 000webhost and hosting24 are the same people or just having some sort of deal.


Pretty sure they are the same.


.Tk domains are annoying when you have McAfee you have to disable your firewall to view them just a tip.
Nice forum though
and the 1st link was broken and wouldn’t let me view the site.


Why use tk when you can use and create sub-domains for your forums?

And why spam or allow spam in bumping-beatz.tk?


Personally, I would avoid using tk domains. It’s very difficult to build user trust here.