404 error. the URL requested was not found on this server



what domain should i use in that?? should i use yourtimetoshoptk.com??


because it cant be yourtimetoshop.tk.com…yeah?




changing my URL would have the effect on my website URL automatically?


how about the url in the general settings of my website? its gonna stay unchanged and will hinder laoding my website?


could u do this for me in anyway?. lol…i scared to loose my website again.


i cannot access my dashboard and im having a privacy error. can i try https instead of http?


i already did that but cannot access my dashboard cause of a privacy error. What now?


it says http is not secure in the URL tab…


will my problem be solved if il upgrade to hostinger? i want to but i have a debit visa card and hotinger does not allow that…iv tried several times