500 Internal Server Error Issue X(


So I uploaded some php files and apperently It’s not working and keep showing me 500 Internal Server Error.
And the files I uploaded are like, ready made ones and no others had same problem as me.
:frowning: Any good solution?


maybe the php code that you are using is out of date.

To change your php update go to your cpanel

Select your website and hover over settings then click general

Scroll down until you see php version and change that to PHP 5.2

If this doesn’t work then change to PHP 5.3 or futher


I tried what u told me…still not working X(
Only page that shows is installing page…Sigh
No index or admin etc…


Hi @darkjju

Add following code to your .htaccess file in the home directory.

php_value display_errors 1