Account deleted?


Hello, I seem to have fell into the category of inactive accounts. This is surprising as I go to the back end of my wordpress blog monthly and provide new content. Must I log into the back end of 000webhost to remain active?

Would you please check my account to see if it is my mistake? URL is



Yes you need to login to backend.
Visit 000webhost and create a new account and you can get back online quickly :frowning:


I am pretty surprised not to get an email notification of this! There was nothing from 000webhost except the normal advertisements. Is there anything you or I can do to retrieve the data?


I think there is an email server issue so no longer does the email services work - not a clue just guessing.
Do you have a backup at all?

Does your control panel suggest your site is active when logging in?


No backups. I naively thought that was handled when I upgraded the wordpress site automatically. Lesson learned. Control panel indicates I have no sites.

James - do you work for 000webhost?


No sorry just a free hosting user too :frowning:


So… 000 have accidentally deleted a whole bunch of accounts after migrating to a new system and we’re just supposed to start over again?
Why would anyone want to stay with a dilapidated system?


Not sure after all it is free hosting feel free to migrate elsewhere?