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If you are entrepreneur, Blogger or Webmaster, You often send many emails daily. Even some of the Website owner sends more then 1000+ of email to our friends ,relatives or your customers.

Did you ever thought You can advertise your product, website or anything via emails you send by adding signature to your emails id

This way of adding signature to your emails help you promote your service and product and even some time you get sales by adding affiliate link in your email signature .So start to [URL=“”]Add your website url in gmail signature in way to simple

Video on youtube : How to add signature in gmail with Images ,Url ,logos


Hi buddy, how does one gain money from this?


this is not for money, this is for improving your website rank or visits via emails…


Thanks, It’s old idea but I have not used them yet ! I will try


Ofc you can by using Affilated links in your signature :stuck_out_tongue: i did made 180$ like this only :smiley:


No actual benefit !! In reality you should work on improving your website’s visibility in search engine by adding SEO friendly content etc .

Spamming your friends contacts etc or adding a signature containing your website’s link will not be very useful. How many people will click on it ??

You will get traffic but useless traffic …

instead focus on SEO and get your search engine ranking improved . You get real traffic, genuine people who are looking for the kind of services your website is offering.


Best to use original content too.
Your site -
and where it came from -



Well its ok i guess …

The source is being provided …

Most matter on web are stolen.

Even the complete website design is stolen.
The basic purpose of is chatting.

The website is chatting site

Look at the home page of the site and u will know the purpose…

Forum is just another thing … I really dont know why I even have the forum…

And u see there is no advertising. I do not intend to make money like others even though I am paying for everything … lol…


and original content is in the blog .

this is one more original thingy based on my experience in the forum

this is about improving alexa rank


Adding signature does not Spam anyone , Does it ?? You better know what is spaming …


Not bad :slight_smile:


@Mrcoolbudy ok. u r right , im wrong . be happy …


i think good idieas for new website need traffic


I agree with you but one thing you should know is that not every one sends 100’s of emails to friends. Personally, I take long to send an email to a friend for example saying hi since I can just call them whether oversees or where I am. Email form of promotion is a spammy way and if you are not lucky, Google can delist your site if many people mark your emails containing your website links as spam.


[COLOR=“Navy”]**1,215,888 Views Wow! Only Since 1/2013 ** [/COLOR]
or Did I not understand? It is working

So Simple information Great
Amazing teach me/us more. :eek:

you go MrCoolBudy,

[COLOR=“Navy”]The Most Simple info we know but seem to forget until reminded to just complete it.
Thank you

Indiana, USA

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What a great tips for getting traffic. I was not any idea about that. I can’t wait to add my signature on my gmail Id. A big thanks for the great tips !!


After using it for my site getting some traffic feeling great for this striking idea. Too much old it is…also overwhelming one. Hope so will get more with it let’s see whats happen.


These little things, they add up. Thanks for posting this.


It’s interesting ideas…But i don’t have lots of email address to send…


Hmm I should do that then I could make money.[ Not for my website ]