Adding subdomain to my custom domain?


Hi everyone,
I have setup my website to use my freenom domain. And i was wondering how i would go about setting up a subdomain for my domain now that I’m using the 000webhost nameserver.

Changing to the 000webhost nameserver disables the dns zone on freenom, so i can’t setup A records on there. Can this be done on 000webhost?



Premium is there for unlimited subdomains.

Freeium you can kind of have one but it might mess up your normal site.


I’ve done this, but doing that, the “main” domain won’t work, only the subdomain, and it leads to the main page. How do i go about fixing this?


Not sure there is no feature of subdomains on 000webhost apart from with the free www. subdomain.


Try adding a new account and using “” to see if that works?


Hello, I made a subdomain by “Free subdomain”, but the link pointed to the main root page:
Is there a way to point to the true page ->

(I mean to the “index page”)…


Use index.html instead of Index.html

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