Administrator can't access dashboard rest users can


Hi everyone. I am a newbie in website making and it will be appreciated if you can solve this issue.

It seems like I am a frequent visitor here trying to find new new solutions

Ok My website is

I am the only admin of this site and I am not able to access the dashboard. But all my editors and authors can login and use their dashboard,

I can login. Yes it is possible but I can only go to my profile PAGE NOWHERE else

Please it has been 1 week I have this issue. Initially thought it was because of server issue, Now only came to know that only admin access is blocked.

I really don’t know if this is bcoz of any change in plugins. Some1 please help me solve the issue


Hey @alanjacobmathew!

Can any of your authors create a new admin account? If they could, then you could try using that account instead. Also, do any of them have access to see and edit accounts on your WordPress installation? If so, maybe they could see what role you are on the website.

Hope that helps!


Nobody can do such thing. They can only add editors

I think the trouble is with the code in admin.php


Hi sir,

Thank for replying. I tried removing each plugins and now its working.
plugin for accelerated mobile pages caused the problem.


Awesome. Glad it started working again! :slight_smile:



Feel free to visit our site

We just started out so limited posts


Went to your site. :slight_smile: I would suggest that you turn off the 000webhost banner, so your site looks more professional. You can go to the control panel. Then, go to General and turn off the switch for banner.


Thank you for pointing out. Never thought of it actually before.