Affilates Problem


In my affilates area I have 46 active referrals and about 500 pending referrals. I want to claim $40.00 but I can’t. The button is green, but when I click it tell me that I need at least 40 active referrals. What is happening? Can someone help me?

Thank you!


@mantas.daraciunas can you check this please?


@maxcreator Admin are looking into your issue, hope it’ll be done soon.

Note:- It may take some time.


@akhilkumar332 I’m still waiting for the solution :confused: Now I have 50 Active Referrals and I can’t CLAIM $40.00 :confused: What can I do??


Screenshots of your referral panel?





@mantas.daraciunas mind checking?


Starting from April 2017 that I started with 000webhost affilates, and I still can’t claim my money. Even thought you change the criteria of earning, I still can’t get my money. What is happening with this page? They are just $40 that for me don’t have much value, but this page is going down. Not just for affilates, but also for service. Whatever, after 7 months I’m still waiting to get my $40. Thank you for offering the best service! :slight_smile:


I’ll try to do it for you, which goal do you want?


When I started, with 50 Active Referrals I could claim 200$. Now, after you changed the rules I want to claim 40$ (Pretty serious now). Thank you!


Welp, you’re right, I claimed the 1st one for you, but we’ll fix that issue and you’ll be able to claim the other 20 users…


Yeah, I see that you claim this goal, but I want the 2nd :confused:


Oops, I will inform our dev, and tell him :slight_smile:


How long can it take?


Dear @maxcreator,

Sorry for long delay!
Here’s the situation:
There were small glitch in a system.
You in fact had a 50 active referrals received over the time. However there is only 35 you can claim money for. This is because, last time you tried to claim goal request, 15 of your referrals was rejected and you cannot use them again! Unfortunately, we where showing you active referrals ignoring the fact that some of them are rejected.

This is fixed now, and you should see the actual amount of active referrals you have!


For your “small glitch in system” and for your mistakes I should lose 15 active referrals?!
Yes, I had 50 Active Referrals and I couldn’t claim any of goals. @ckhawand claimed 10$ (-20 referrals) without my authorization to get this goal. I am a client of 000WebHost, and as a client, I haven’t any responsibility for bugs in this website. Now, for your “tiny glitch in a system” clients should “pay”. I watched some videos that 000WebHost Affilates is fake, and now I am sure for this. I have 3 months waiting for your response, and your final answer is “We fixed the problem, but you lose your referrals”. Thank you for this and for your service. Actually I don’t care about your referrals or your money. Enjoy the 570 new users by me and good bye!
Thank you for being so honest and so regular with your clients. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the inconvenience. The 000webhost affiliate system is not fake at all. :slight_smile: