Affiliate Account Profile Email


Hi, I have two questions.
First, is there a way to change an email address for an affiliate profile? Upon logging in, profile page only allows change of password and email field is greyed out. I have checked every menu items with every submenus to make sure I have not missed anything. However, there seems to be no way to change an email.
Second question is if there is a way to close the account. I could simply abandon the current account and open a new one, but if it is possible, I would like to close the account as the old email provider recycles an email address and make it available to another person after a while.


@oaisjefsaefoij Regarding your first question, i’ve asked admin about this and i’ll let know as soon as he replies.

Yes you can delete you account by going to “My Profile” section.


For “Affiliates”, there is a separate login and the only Profile page that allows editing of account info has email field disabled–I did verify my email. When I checked to see if there is any way an affiliate profile would be linked to a regular customer profile, it was not; and I was not able to login using email/password associated with my affiliate account.


@akhilkumar332 Sry i thought you’re taking about deleting of 000weebhost account.

Anyway i’ve asked admin about this…i’ll reply as soon as he replies me.


Thanks a lot! I hope admins add an option to change email in the future. I linked a PayPal account with new email address but that had no effect on my account email.


Sorry affiliates account can’t be closed nor email can be changed presently.

But you can always go for another account with your new email id.