After i got the message from 000webhot update to wordpress version 4.8.3 i can not access my admin anymore


tôi cần trợ giúp sau khi nhận được thông báo đã cập nhật tự động phiên bản wp 4.8.2 tôi không thể truy câp trình quản trị. chrome báo trang web hiện không có


Hi @xuanlong911!

From the logs I see you have deleted a database. If the Wordpress site was working on it then there is no way to recover the website anymore.


That’s the data of the old site. I have 2 databases I only delete the first one and the data and my web site is in the second database when I have not deleted it was not accessible.


fist domain i deleted is mmo-vn

The data and web I want to mention is


I am sorry for late reply. There is not connection between domains and databases.

Wordpress was unable to access its database because the username/password was incorrect, therefore I assumed you have deleted a database which has been installed by and it was needed by Wordpress system.