An error occurred uploading files.....cant upload files


An error occurred uploading files - why am i getting this error message?
someone please help…


Could you be more specific? Are you using FTP? Can you login?


I am logged into the new look - (although reaching “files” is a major accomplishment in itself these days-does not always work)

attempting to upload to public_html
already created index.html file and uploaded it to public_html some days ago

i am using the upload button in the top menu (the one that looks like an arrow pointing into a wig)
i then simply browse and select my file - in this case I want to upload a .zip file
the upload button seems to work, since I see the status bar moving
when file gets to 98% uploaded, error message displays: An error occurred uploading files

thank you in advance
just tried uploading it again with same failed result

just in case, zip file consists of (not that it should matter) the following file types: docm, xlsm, txt, png, jpg, html, and py
compessed size is 225MB


web based file manager has upload file size limit. It is 5MB.

Use FTP to upload bigger files.


thank you - that is helpfuld information
I started with FTP using the FileZilla client.
Also could log in but could not establish connection.
Error message: Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS


this is not a complete log message. What do you get after this line?


Connecting to…
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Status: Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS.

Command: USER focus-elf-media
Response: 331 User focus-elf-media OK. Password required
Command: PASS *******
Response: 530 Login authentication failed
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

i am using same pwd as for site (as per instructions)
i also tried my previous two passwords

user: focus-elf-media
pwd: (**same as website)
port: (tried leaving blank, tried Port 21, neither combo worked)

also tried connect to host using
did not try ftps:// & ftpes:// since FTP over TLS is not supported


Enable FTP access in your panel, follow this tutorial:


thank you
I would love to find the c-panel again. This has been a huge source of my frustration.
I would not have wasted hours upon hours had i been able to use c-panel from the start.
If you could help me find the c-panel, I would greatly appreciate it.

I, for one, am no longer able to find the c-panel page, and therefore; I am not able to log in.
If you could help me find the c-panel, I would greatly appreciate it.

the old link redirect to new look.

Is there a link to c-panel from the new look?
If you could help me find the c-panel, I would greatly appreciate it.


andrius Administrator can you address the last quest or should we start a new thread?

the old c-panel link does not work - redirect to new look.

where is c-panel login hiding?
can you help the community find c-panel?

thank you


when you login to members area it is called cpanel.

what exactly are you looking for?


I guess i’m looking for any link/button or whatnot that says c-panel or maybe I’m not logged into the right members area and should be looking for the members area login. I don’t know. All I see is the new look and all roads lead back to the new look. Build website, set web address, upload files, manage database, manage emails, settings. I can list for you everything. Not one is c-panel…


Are you looking for cPanel like this link? :

If you are then the free service no longer allows this, if you signup to the premium hosting then you’ll get cPanel as displayed in the link above, unlimited features and no limits.


yes! this is what i have been looking for.
thank you very very much for your reply.
at least now I know enough to either upgrade or stop looking.

maybe you can answer one more question: why am not seeing Index of / (public folder) ?
I tried uploading index.html file, and .htaccess with Options +Indexes - nothing is working.
I can see Index of / in all sub directories but not in the public_html folder.
I spend hours reading through the forum and looking for sample files.
Should I start a new thread or is this a premium feature also?


You can make your own thread if you wish.

I don’t understand your question of the index? If you mean you visit and you don’t see the listing then I don’t know if this is because of the new system it won’t display or it may be something else I’m not sure on the question still sorry.

If your public_html folder has a file named index.html that will display when you visit if that makes sense?