Analytics Code Appending to my Site


Can I please request that the analytic’s code be removed from my site? I use my own code library & including my own analytics monitor.

It appears the server is appending this code to all of my pages. perhaps it can stay on the index page if you really have an unwavering interest in my traffic but please not on every php page.

Is this mandatory

<!-- Hosting24 Analytics Code -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- End Of Analytics Code -->


Enable or disable here

You will lose the stats from your 000webhost control panel.

Also this disables checking if your account is active or not so make sure to take regular backups and log in regularly to your control panel to avoid your account being deleted possibly.


thank you for your response, but there is no link in your “here” post above, assuming you meant to add one.

I must have the original control panel because mine looks nothing like the screenshots I’m seeing posted here, if you upgraded cPanel then my account didn’t get updated, which is fine with me because I rarely have any issues & want to keep it that way.

I was asking because I thought it might have been cause a weird bug in one of my classes, I was always taught to keep classes self contained, without includes, so if an include is appended to the bottom It was a suspect.

I guess its not critical, I found the bug so no biggie right now but is any chance I can see the code for your analytic’s?