Any problem with many students with 000webhost accounts in one computer lab?


Will there be any problem with 12 students simultaneously using different 000webhost accounts out the the same university computer lab? I’m not sure if 000webhost servers will see it as spam when 12 different accounts all look to be coming from the same place.

Thank you for your help!


@mus1331 Yes you can :slight_smile:


If you do have any issues post here or message one of us and we can sort it out if anything does happen (if you see messages upon logging in like suspended, or abuse etc)

If you face connection issues these will fade on their own, we can’t do anything if you are unable to load etc.


Wonderful - thank you for the quick response!
I will post here if I run into any messages upon logging in.
I’m really looking forward to using 000webhost in my teaching this semester.


Cool idea @mus1331 :wink:

Good luck with it. If you have any other question feel free to ask here :slightly_smiling_face: