Anyone know how to install theme in phpbb3?


Does anyone know how to install a theme in phpbb3 forum software i cant understand youtube videos so help me please


You launch your administrator panel and import the .xml theme file.
Upload the theme files into FTP :slight_smile:


How? i cant understand


So you’ll probably have a archive
Inside will probably be a theme so browse to /public_html/themes and upload the theme folder out of the zip into this

Now launch the administrator panel and import the theme file.


I already uploaded one but thats not working on forums :confused:



Click install styles bottom left?


nothings there nothing


If after uploading style to your forum you cannot see it in admin control panel, probably you have either uploaded it incorrectly or style files have wrong permissions. Make sure directory structure is correct by checking part to style.cfg: it should be phpBB3/styles/stylename/style.cfg, not phpBB3/styles/stylename/stylename/style.cfg