I make simple test app in ASP MVC NetCore 2.0
Can i hosting it here?
Any help please


000webhost does not support that no sorry.


Where i can try this simple app?


You’d need a Microsoft-based platform for that. Search for “free IIS hosting”, I don’t know if it exists. Or see if there is a free tier of Microsoft Azure, perhaps?


Net Core app can be hosted on linux.


Fair enough, but at the very least it’s going to need a VPS. Here are some instructions to run it on Docker, which again needs root access. You can’t do that on shared hosting, unfortunately.


Thanks for this explanation


I would advice you to download a virtualizer for x86 hardware, such as VMware Player og Virtualbox (more exists, but these are the most common general purpose ones)
Then download an operating system of your choice, but Ubuntu is a popular free platform for this.

Virtualbox installing Ubuntu:

VMware Player installing Ubuntu:

This step by step tutorial should give you the general idea of how to install and run websites with .net core
Publishing an ASP.NET Core website to a cheap Linux VM host

You could start at step 0.5 (step 0, if you want to lease a VPS in stead of running a VM)

Guides might be slightly outdated, but they should give you the general idea, and point you to the right direction.

Not only does this give you what you currently want (for testing purposes) it also teaches you a great deal of knowledge that will be useful for you, if you desire to continue testing software on Linux servers.

Alternatively, you could download software to run you system directly in Windows.


Ooh, I just spotted that Azure is now doing 12 months for free. They are obviously paying attention to what AWS is doing!

Note that Azure (cloud server hosting) probably comes with a steep learning curve. However, you will learn a lot of useful stuff, so it is worth it (as is AWS also).