Back to Old Dashboard or cPanel


Today, there’s something happen to my account. I can not access my usual Dashboard and cPanel.

Whenever I entered this link:

it redirects me to this link:

The second link brings me to a page. The page is different from the old cPanel and I can’t find menu like, File Manager 1, File Manager 2, File Manager 3, etc.

Can anybody help me to get me back to my old Dashboard and cPanel…


The old control panel you are used to is being deactivated, the panel that has loaded today is your new control :slight_smile:

You have set web address, manage your database, and a file manager, plus some settings under settings!

WordPress is auto installable and your site can be created with a site builder too.


Unlike the old one, the new cPanel can’t be fully accessible via java mobile phones.

Is it possible to revert back?


No sorry.

What device are you using?


I’m using Nokia 5130 XpressMusic.

It was almost two years ago, I choose 000webhost for my small project because it was the only free web hosting that has mobile friendly interface. I love its net2ftp too.

FYI, my site has comule(dot)com subdomain, and I know that there are nice short subdomains too like comli(dot)com, etc. They’re great. But, it doesn’t mean I don’t like the new 000webhostapp sudomain. It just that the new subdomain brings new interface too and it lost its mobile friendly. And I can’t somehow build my own site nor create a net2ftp account from it because the new menu isn’t working properly on my phone, especially the file uploader.

How can I register a new free comule(dot)com or comli(dot)com subdomain and get a new net2ftp account from 000webhost?


On new panel you can go to “Set web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Free SubDomain”.
Here you can select “” and so on.



Thank you very much. I had to uncheck single column view in my opera mini settings to use the new menu properly, though. And I found my FTP details under Settings => General.

Thanks again. It has been solved now.


Do post back if you’ve any issuse :slight_smile: