Bandwidth used inaccurate


Hi there, I have had a lot of issues with the amount of bandwidth used shown in my account for my website.

This seems to be wildly inaccurate.

I have a relatively new site which is still in the process of being built and gets hardly any hits per day, yet the dashboard shows that I have used 14.5 GB this month which seems utterly rediculous as I use cloudflare and wordpress caching. It makes no sense.

Can someone please look into this and see why 000webhost is reporting such a huge number of data being used for my site?


Hi @yacoboy!

  1. Bandwidth usage is not measured in real times.

  2. Even if you’re using Cloudflare, to Wordpress this offers almost null effects as pages are dynamically replied from server.

  3. We recommend you to disable the caching plugin; on 000webhost it only overloads the server, nothing more.

  4. The stats are refreshed each month.

I will forward the issue to our operators and get back once I get a conclusive reply. Meanwhile please be patient. Stats should clear every moment :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response teodor.

That isn’t the case with my wordpress setup, a guest would see the static pages which are generated by the caching plugin when the site is changed / updated. I have now disabled all caching though as per your recommendation.

I’ll keep an eye on my bandwidth and see if I see any improvements.