Bizarre stuff going on with my website


I shared my website post to facebook… then I tried checking what it looks like using the facebook built-in browser. if you understand what I’m saying.
with the facebook browser, my website shows like this:

no logo image, no slider image, just the slider text.

but normally it shows like this on chrome browser:

It’s Bizarre to me because all my years of browsing the internet, I’ve never seen anything like this before. it’s horrifying and scaring. please if there’s any one that’s seen this before, please please please help me out. I need your help thank you all.


Working fine on my side

It could be a temporary issue. Try installing fb app again


seriously? it’s not working well on my friends app too


Please update the facebook app :slight_smile:


It’s just an URL problem. Sometimes it’s https sometimes it’s just plain http. I do not know why


facebook is up to date.


facebook is up to date. I don’t understand what exactly is going on


is there any other way around?


Oh! I found the answer. If you are using Cloudflare, you must enable the "Automatic HTTPS Rewrites"
If you are using WordPress you must find a plugin to remove the protocol in front of URLs
If you are using the two, well you will need to do the two
because the images load in http while the headers are in https so browsers will block http resources