Can I host this "Chat"


Please tell me that the free embedded chat room code provided by is allowed or not.

It seems to me that their chat room is also hosted on their server just like addonchat. Please confirm


very nice haha


Must i purchase premium to use/install chat scripts on my forum?


If it’s an embedded chat script using some other sites resources then no.


I still. Don’t get the reason why is it forbidden to install SMF Shoutbox?


It’s because they are resource hungry scripts (many calls to the database can be made per minute - depending on how many users are using it), google it.


I think you need


yup… addonchat is great . im using it on my site . I have a confirmation from them that their script uses their server resources. They have a free chat room option and paid options. they have a few plans and some great addons. check them out.


That’s against TOS. You can click HostGator on my sig though. Or see if Hostinger allows it.


Chat scripts that don’t use 000webhosts servers are ok as they’re using some other companies resources.
Hostinger is in your sig, not hostgator :wink:


I told him too, but he said he “just added Hostinger”. :confused:


Hehe, there’s another one here too
Hostgator, bluehost, hostmonster are all part of the EIG group.


We don’t see that.



Is Hostinger by any chance affiliated with Hostgator? I never heard this before.