Cannot save page


I am using Zyro builder. I am unable to save a page I am creating. When I click Publish>Save, nothing happens. When I click on a different menu item, it asks me if I want to save page. When I click on save, nothing happens. If I go to the other menu, I lose my work. No message appears.


Ayu, I don’t understand. What website are you referring to? The website I am creating won’t save, and there is no error message. I don’t want to lose the work I have done, so I need to keep it open and the PC on.


Wait for a staff member to look into it.


I gave up waiting for an answer and recreated the page from scratch. This time it saved it, but it is still unclear why I was unable to save my previous page. 000Webhosting may want to offer error messages for this situation so we know what we did wrong, if anything.