Cant change sleep time


I cant change my sleep time why?


There’s an undergoing maintenance (adding a new server) that should be done in 30mins.


oh so after 30mins i should be able to change my sleep time is that correct?


Should work (c.c. @mantas.daraciunas)


okay ill wait and see thanks


ive waited and i still cant change the sleep time please fix this please!!!


What is the time you want it set to?


1:00 am jamaica time


Great, I changed it :slight_smile:


I saw it thanks buts it says pm i wanted Am :frowning:


I really need it to be 1:00 AM please


And i cannot switch off branding. Why is that? Before it wasn’t there.


Have you bought your domain through Hostinger?


Nope Hexa. But i believe a free hosting allows it to be turned of since i haven’t linked it to any other domain.


One of the developer changed it for me but its still the wrong time he put 1:00 pm i wanted 1:00 am


@Elvis1 what do you want the time changed to? Time and zone please


I want 2:00 AM please the timezonze is eastern time (- 5:00 )