Cant log in to file manager


attempting to login to my ftp all day and keep getting the following:
421 Home directory not avialable - aborting
Tried also the 000webhost ftp file manager to try in login used my website name for the user name and mu password as
directed only to get the following:
Log in details are not correct.
checked settings > general and all info entered was correct

it also seems that the php is not working correctly as i have uploaded atleast 3 ajax/php contact forms and while they work properly on testing refuse to work correctly when uploaded to 000webhost

being trying to find help support but i guess this is it


@tusglan Try now it should fine now!!!
If not try… after some time as 00webhost team is trying to fix this issue and will be solved soon!!!


I am still not able to connect and I have been trying in many different ways. Is very disappointing.

I have also a premium account and I would like my website to be migrated in there ASAP. Is there anyway anybody can assist?


I have the same issue please help


The file manager is down since yesterday.


Try now it is working.

If not try after som time…As this is known issue…As per the admin…already 000ebhost team is working hard on this to solve as soon as possible.


Can you guys if still having the issue print screen the error log like above?