Can't log on new panel after changed my email!


Is their an admin who can put back the email I had used to set my my account on new panel PLZ ! Cause since I have changed my email on the new panel for the same I use on old one I am not able to log on new panel ever !
Thanks !


What happens when trying to login are you presented with any account at all?


I always log in old panel ! At first I have create a new account on new panel with a new email ! and I have change that one for the same I use on old panel now when I try to log on new panel I am automatically log on old one !


Is it possible for you to change my email on new panel for the one I used to setup the new panel ?


When you login to the old panel if it shows your old account can you click the far right link and then delete account then try to login again


yes but I have an other website running well on my old account I will have move it on new panel if I delete my old account ?
Thanks !


Okay so if you login to your old account you have an active account you need there? If you do then ignore my previous post don’t delete the account.


Yes you are right on hold panel I have an account that I need there and it work well it’s why I ask you if can just change my email ? Thanks ?


I am not able to do anything with regards to accounts I am just a general free hosting user and have a lot of spare time :octopus:

If you want feel free to click James then message send me your email (s) and password (s) or you can change the password to like random1234 for testing etc.


I did message you my email and password !
Thanks !


I have the same issue, that sucks


If you have two accounts with the same email (one on the new panel and one on the old), you can log in to both by using the links below.

This one will always attempt to log in to the new panel:

This one will always attempt to login to the old panel:

It’s a temporary solution until this issue is fully resolved. Those who already have two accounts, I would suggest you to move your websites to the new platform manually.


That is not work for me now I can t log in old account ??


You probably want to use the first link as you said that you are unable to log in to the new panel and not the old one.