Car Detailing Web Site


Hey everyone,

I’ve recently started my own car detailing business and have designed a website from scratch. I would love to hear your thoughts and possible suggestions.

Also as the business is located in Australia, I’m not posting here to advertise, only to get feedback on the design, thank you.


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It’s almost perfect if you ask me. The design, effects and general content are just right for a business like this… it is right to the point. Also, maybe add a Google map. The url is kinda long, but that is probably just my own opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had a nice wax like those cars :smiley:


I like the design, it’s simple and the colors look great.


Thank you for the replies, I tried my best to keep the site very clean and basic and still look professional. Being a detailer I’m a bit fanatic about DIV spacing being exact and elements being perfectly aligned.


Nice work. By the way, did you used a template here by any chance?


Hey rourkem, appreciate the feedback !
Nope, no template, all written from scratch by me.


can a mod delete this thread please, your forum attracts way to much spam to my domain.


Can you not edit your first post?