Certificate problem


SSL tab: set to Flexible


I think it has something with forcing the SSL inside site`s configuration.

Sincie it is Joomla, there is a line inside configuration.php which says:

public $force_ssl = '2';

I set it to 0…the page opens, but very strange…It looks like no css/js loaded or something


Yes, this does solve the redirect problem (it’s probably interfering with Cloudflare), but the JS/CSS is no longer being loaded for security reasons :confused:

UPDATE: I have fixed this problem by adding Content-Security-Policy header from .htaccess :wink:


I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts even yesterday, but as limited user, I couldn’t make any posts anymore.

So I came here to express my appreciation.

Now everything works great!

I’m really amazed with your service…Honestly didn’t expect THAT GOOD support…and I will consider paid hosting next time.



We thank you for your appreciation! We are all here to help each other :slight_smile:

If you want, you’re always welcome for a paid plan. You’ll also get extra features on it :sunglasses:


Glad we could help out! :smile:


Any Issue do post back or PM any Moderator :slight_smile: