CloudFare. Suggestion to all whose site is down (domain owners only)


One free service that can fix all of your problems is CloudFlare.

Here is what it will do for your website(s):

[]Speed up your site by caching it (css, images, javascript, etc) and serving it from multiple data centers around the globe
]Keep your site online, even when the server is down, by serving a cached version of your site.
And many more features. I have used this service and it works like a charm. It saved me 80% of my bandwidth, it made my sit 60% faster, and I had 98% less spam than before.

The best part is it’s free!


i use the same they are quite awesome indeed :slight_smile:


Doesn´t work if you use a free sub domain really as there is no way to change the DNS settings for your domain.


True. I forgot about subdomains. You have to have your own domain for this to work :slight_smile:


Thanks lrastart. Thread stuck :slight_smile:


If it’s possible to install mod_cloudflare so that users can easily activate cloudflare, than that would help also.


Thats a great tool, thanks for the share.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Thats an excellent post, Keep up the Good work Irastart


Well holy crap it really works, and it works on domains too!

My arcade site went from 3.5 second load time to 1.4 second load time with CloudFlare. :open_mouth:


Glad to help :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention… on average, 65% of requests are taken off 000webhost’s servers and are served through CloudFlare. This means that you will be using around 65% less CPU then before and you can stay with free hosting 65% longer than if you weren’t using CloudFlare.


Hi, i’m using Cloudflare some days ago, and until now all fine. Some noticeable improvements in the loading times. Thanks.

A question: The panel from 000webhost show a warning about update the dns; of course this is for the change made to use Cloudflare. This doesn’t represent any inconvenient with 000webhost? I mean, a sort of inactivity in the free accounts or something like this.



You can ignore the warning :slight_smile:


Imagine using Varnish and this LOL


Does this service affects site advertisement? Since its a proxy?


It could as advertisements are often done click per IP to stop one person clicking an advert over and over to get money. Unless its an affiliate advertisement which contains a link to a companies website where the user needs to register, that could still work.


this means that its not advisable to those site who runs network ads? right?


It really depends on how their system works. You should probably ask them to be honest :slight_smile:


doesnt work for me :frowning:
all my webpages still redirect to :frowning:
only the homepage and backed are fine. I even installed the cloudflare wp plugin but still doesnt work
any ideas guys?
help me please