CloudFare. Suggestion to all whose site is down (domain owners only)


Love it. Thanks


sir i have domain registerd on 000webhost but due to some errors i completly delet it from ooowebhost and change it to another hosting . i changed it nameserver etc.
now when i want to come back to this hosting and register the domain or adding the domain to 000webhost it says
your domain is are in our hosting…but i completly delet it
plz help me i want to transfer back to 000webhost.:mad:


Please do not thread jack. Either start your own topic OR submit us a support ticket and we will explain what you need to do from there.


Thank you very much for sharing this tool, Now server malfunction won’t be of much problem and the cached version looks good


ایرانی اینجا نی؟


question… is mod_cloudflare installed on these servers?


no but we whitelist cloudflare servers so you can use their service.


ok…thanks… got an ETA on that mod though?


We are not planning on adding that mod as we’ve already whitelisted all the IPs.


Allright. Thanks for the quick response!


Not a bad feauture.


now using it. a little problem with FTP but it improved my site a lot.


Good!I support it.


Try using the server IP.


Hi i am looking to use CloudFlare but i don’t wanna mess up so my question is where i am setting up my DNS with CloudFlare it auto detects this:	points to	with automatic TTL

A record

  • points to with automatic TTL
    CNAME record
    www is an alias of with automatic TTL
    MX record
    mail handled by
    with priority

Is it missing any? or is that ok?


Interesting option, I might give it a go :slight_smile: Thank you!


woah this is nice =D
using it ryt away


When you sign up with CloudFlare, it adds this subdomain direct.[]. You should be able to use FTP over this. In fact, you should be able to FTP files over any subdomain with CloudFlare (the orange cloud) deactivated.

You’re going to have to check with your current DNS provider and match it with what CloudFlare has to make sure that CloudFlare didn’t miss anything.


is this another web hosting site? or…?? I’m confused.


I’ve just set it up on my domain as ive moved host back to this one,