CloudFare. Suggestion to all whose site is down (domain owners only)


But i have to change the DNS in my panel control? and then update on the other web? And then do the inverse when my site is on? i can’t get it


If I want to restore original visitor IP to my server logs, I need to have mod_cloudflare installed. Does webhost free service support this?


My experience is that 000webhost combined with ClouFlare sucks.
Normally when 000webhost servers get overloaded my website homepage displays a

The server is too busy at the moment.
Please reload this page few seconds later.

message. And it seems to me that CloudFlare caches that page somehow, and later even when the server is back on i just can’t get rid of that home page, even though all other pages are accesible on my website, and this drives me nuts.
I am seriously considering abandoning this CloudFlare service, and simply accept the reality of a terrible 000webhost servers up-time and live with it.


Kind of useless when your site is already down.


That would be a different problem for another thread though.


Thanks for the info :wink: Just signed up. Hopefully my site will stay online now…


i need install one script in webhost. i have upload the script but i cannot extract it. pls suggession me how can i extract it so that i can work


Well, I changed to Cloudfare, but now I can’t upload pages to my site because it says I have an FTP error. What the hey did I do/not do? The site is


Use your IP instead of your domain name to connect.


Worked like a charm. Thanx, ShocK!


I signed up but didn’t change NS yet. However, during the collection of your NS data it says it adds a prefix for ftp (which you could change) but it warns in the future to change your ftp access to use if you used before to access via ftp. So, I think if you change your ftp access to be you’ll find it works.

An alternative to the IP address route.


add a ftp.xxxx sub domain that bypasses the cloudflare network

i have setup a A record for @ (primary domain) to the ip of the server
and cname of the primary to the rest of the server on a new site im working on: WWW/images/etc

ftp is the only bypass - also note: php pages may not be cached due to dynamic nature…

this is however PERFECT for html sites :slight_smile:


Domain DOMAIN has been parked on top of The most important thing is that now you need to update nameservers of domain DOMAIN to,

If you will not update nameservers, domain will be unparked in 7 days automatically.

can we use cloudflare for parked domains? or will it result in the domain being unparked?


will this let me into my wp-admin login page with out the 404 error?


Wow, you all, these are really wonderful suggestions!

When I change something and it works, I back up quietly and tiptoe out of the room, still backwards, so as not to jar anything loose. Shockx’s suggestion is still working great.


You can get in using Hollends suggestion -

I’d only use it as a temporary measure if you really need to get into the admin panel; it won’t work for anyone whose forgot their password.


I started using cloudflare and now I get:
Your computer IP address is listed at StopForumSpam database so your visit is blocked. You can unblock yourself by entering the following code:


Problems with cloudflare, must be resolved in cloudflare website.


For users of CloudFlare like me that need to know what IP address to put in dns settings follow these instructions (Windows):

1-Press: Window+R
2-Enter: CMD

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Default Server: UnKnown

> server
Default Server:



>IP Address is
>HOST is

Can someone post instructions for linux using dig. I’m too lazy to do it :p.


Use the server in your cpanel. it should be something like

[9 minutes later]

Please don’t use the IP Address as stated before. IP Addresses can change!

Create an A record with * for NAME and your IP address for IP.

This is how you properly get your IP Address (Windows):