CloudFare. Suggestion to all whose site is down (domain owners only)


You were looking for shoes or clothes but just came across backpacks, so to speak :slight_smile:

CloudFlare is not a host, it’s just an additional layer between the user and the website that’ll serve as a protection against attackers and will make the site load faster (not sure what it does exactly, I’ve never used it myself)


The first post in this thread says it can speed up the site and all that nonsense and so I decided to ask before I register for yet another service.

I am with BlueHost at the moment but I am just keeping up-to-date of what is happening here. These services were the best and I nearly joined their premium service until I found that it is not worth it.

Not sure why this thread was allowed on this forum; Does it belong to the same guys running these services? If cloudfare are competitors then they should not be allowed here at all IMHO.


CloudFlare is not a webhost like 000webhost, so I don’t see why they would be counted as competitors. It can work together with a site on 000webhost though, which puts less burden on 000webhost’s servers, so why would it not be appreciated by them?


First I don’t know what cloudfare does and second even if they are not competing with 000webhosts they are getting free publicity and like most free services, they don’t allow this. They are losing (000webhosts I mean) valuable revenues, Cloudfare could be paying here to advertise their product free or pro. They are also running a business like 000webhosts aren’t they?.


I was in the opinion that CloudFare was something like these people. It seems they are not and so I am out.


Dear Sir / Madam

Our website was hosted on
( by our webdesigner ) since several years and was running v.good.
Today we try to open our site then 000webhost page is opened , and
our website is not opening .web site was developed by on of our employed
web designer who leave job 2 years back and now he is not in our contact.
Kindly Up our website and also issue us a new user name and password
so that we can upgrade / contents of our website also.

In this connection if you need any owner ship proof for website
we can provide you any document you required



thank your plan. but let us way more specific instructions


This is cool and all. I appreciate the tip and I’ll be doing this. But… why are so many sites down? I mean, hosting24 was down, even this forum at one point, and I haven’t been able to access my site for at least a whole day. I’m not too stressed about it because it’s currently under construction and I’m not missing out on anything important, but still. Was there an announcement and I just missed it? Because it’s a bit of an inconvenient time, as I’m trying to delete a ton of now unnecessary files so I can upload the redesign.


can i use cloud-flare ssl on 000webhost


Iam not able to acces my website
please check fix this issue


What is your URL and do you get any error messages?

Just telling us: “Iam not able to acces my website please check fix this issue” doesn’t help anybody here to help you.

Good luck.


Thats an excellent post, Keep up the Good work Irastart


hey i am trying this right now i hope this will work
thanks webmaster