Cloudflare problems



I’m trying to follow #53612 but it just does not seem to be working. So the Cloudflare page looks like:


My 000webhost domain page:


@gmsparents Screenshot you’ve provided is not related to cloudflare, it is related to 000webhost.
What issues are you facing??


The first link is cloudflare dns page – it looks essentially the same as from the tutorial. The second link is 000webhost showing that the link is not working.


I see it’s not cloudflare related issue.
Instead i see “Error 500” on your website? (g*s*a****.com)
This is related to some bad configurations in your account, plz check it thoroughly.


I don’t get what could be wrong about my configuration. Even the g*s*a**** page gives me a 500 error.


What is your 000webhostapp URL and are you still facing issues?