Cname and do not point successfully


I thank both of you, I think being on the right way now


after putting the webhost nameservers, each time I try putting a cname, freenom answers me : “Zone is not active yet”

do you know what’s happening? propagation again???

thanks for your help


@lievenme If the want to park domain then use nameservers. Thatsall…no need for cname.

If you want to point towards 000webhost then use cname(No need of nameservers)

use anyone…either nameservers or cname.


thank you. I just parked my domain withou www. The link is made successfully. I think now everything is all right.

thank both of you for your patience with me!!!

case closed, I think, but … without cname, just with nameservers and parking!!


@lievenme I’m happy…that you’ve made it. :grinning: