CNAME Pointing Problems


Hi, I am experiencing an issue with the cname domain pointing. I am pretty new to these things so I hope I can get an informative, detailed and helpful answer. I have already followed the tutorials but ran into some issues.

I am trying to point forum(dot)asauthrpg(dot)com (GoDaddy) to (it says internal error has occured - previously, it does not recognize the cname, but now it does, i think… how to check?).

Besides that, tried to point asauthrpg(dot)com to asauthrpg(dot)000webhostapp(dot)com but it says virtual host already exists.

So I have two problems here.

Can anyone help me with this?

I will provide my Godaddy DNS settings below:

I will not be using domain parking for some reasons.


Hey remove all other records A, NS and remove 1 cname record also.
Only add two cname records



But can I not remove the A record of ‘play’? I own a gameserver whereby when players want to join, they will have to enter the IP, but to keep it simple, I do the A record so that they can simply type instead of the numbers.

And regarding those two name records, should I add another one for ‘forum’? Should I remove the _domainconnect?


000webhost won’t recognize yr records until there are only two cname records that i told you. So you only need those two cnames records and except them remove all existing records


Okay, and it seems I cannot remove those NS.


Okay then remove everything except nameservers and add the cname that i told you :slight_smile:


@Izrie is your issue fixed?


No. It still says internal error has occured.


Can i get screenshot of your domain records?


@Izrie You messed a bit :sweat:

Until you can’t park this domain ( in your account, you can’t point towards

You’re getting this error because, domain( you’re trying to park belongs to another account.

Are you’re sure you’re the owner of this domain?
If yes can post proof of your ownership?

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