CNAME Record for



How can I set CNAME record at
I need to configure it with Google Apps. (To set CNAME destinaton to **

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Check your CPanel for “Modify MX Record” enter the url there, and that should work.


:slight_smile: Which URL??? I’d like to Change URL for Email from (default) to

At google apps, the CNAME should be set to

I’ve set the MX record (at 000webhost) to [U][/U]

But, I can’t open address

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At Control Panel:

  • Sub Domains


  • Redirects

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Can you give any example please.


You will need to set this in your domain name service provider cpanel to add a CNAME record to point to Google special URL that you get from your Google apps when you setup the domain there.

For example: CNAME


I can’t edit CNAME, it’s free hosting.

Kdio write:

At Control Panel:

  • Sub Domains


  • Redirects

How i do that ?


not here, where you get your domain name.


Enom by google.


I wanna set CNAME value to, but I don’t want to change any settings that have been set when I register my domain… what must I do then? Is (DNS hosting) can set any changes? [NOTE : this post still on the topic]


It depends on who host your name server.
Is Xname or 000webhost?
Is xname is then you need to make any dns related change on xname?


so, I don’t need to change anything on my domain settings once the DNS server is/are targeted to xname DNS server… am I right?


I don’t know what change are you talking about and where?


That’s why, I’ve a bad English language. Sorry for that thing.

Okay, I wanna post my domain ( domain) to nameservers, so I can add/change/delete more types of records. How to use that?


This question on how to use xname should be direct to xname support but I just happen to know the answer so…

you have to create a zone for your domain name and modify your zone to add whatever you want.


Sorry for the comment on such an old post but I was wondering if you ever solved this problem?


I’m having this trouble, I’ve bought the domain with godaddy, and email hosted with google, so i want, I’ve edited the cname on godaddy, but whenever i go to I get error page from 000webhost so I think it’s related with 000webhost cuz im getting error from 000webhost page, So Where can i edit cname on 000webhost ?



Hi, go to Modify MX records in members area, the code you got setting up with google email goes there.


Thanks, +1 to your karma, I’ll try it.


So, I’ve a question Do I just need to enter the code I got from google in MX records ? So Do I have to create new subdomain and set MX records ?