Connect to Wordpress


Thanks for the free hosting services. I recently created my domain on your hosting services and configured it with wordpress. But it does not work at all.May be its me who failed to connect it. I have two questions which can help me.

  1. Are you offering free domain or you only use those already prepared from other services?
    2What are the procedures to connect my domain after installing wordpress to make it work?


  1. signup 000webhost.comn
  2. you get a free address like
  3. under set web address you get a choice of subdomains for free like
  4. under set web address you get the choice of parking a domain from another domain provider like
  5. under set web address you get the choice of parking a domain from a free domain provider like

Once you’ve parked using nameservers and or a CNAME record if nameservers aren’t for you then you can autoinstall WordPress or manually install it; make sure to use your new parked domain or free subdomain in the installation details.


Thanks, i passed through all those steps till WordPress configuration but unfortunately after setting my WordPress website my URL was unavailable. What is the problem?


This is my Url


@habari24 You need to change the site and wordpress url to your domain name from wordpress general settings.
And use only “http” not “https”.