Connecting w ftp tried tutorial and other suggestions. Not working


Hi. I have followed the tutorial, downloaded filezilla, flushed dns, reset password, turned off firewall. Nothing seems to work.What am I missing?

Even tried with Website X5

Thanks in advance



Can you access with those details here:


Hi James
That doesn’t work either. I know my password is right and my id should be sanctuary-home according to the screen shot. My site is named. . I also do have the FTP slider set to on…



I have same problem too.


Is this something you’ve uploaded?

If not then I assume 000webhost technical staff could be doing an operation which might be why we can’t access our files.


Here is mine… already triple check the site name and password. i also already tried change the password. but still cant access my ftp


I take it this is the function you guys are trying?


Yes. i use that function but still doesnt work. Currently i use File manager plugin for wordpress to access my ftp.


Your site is coming up now so did you fix your issue or was the technical team migrating/fixing/upgrading something?

My FTP is now working in browser and on FileZilla


No, ftp is still not working. That is my test website (created a quick one with the webhost ez web builder), not the one I am trying to upload. I can upload through the upload files through the webhost website, but the FTP upload is not working.



Could you visit settings, general and change FTP password, and make it something easy random like changeme1Two3 and then turn FTP off/on and send me the password/user?


That is odd. I did what you said, changed it to a different password, and it worked. Then I changed it back to my original password and it won’t work. So, I just changed to a totally different password and it is working. Didn’t like my default password for some reason.

Thank You


Hello, i already follow your suggestion but still cant access my ftp. i also already tried change my password with strange password many times but still doesnt work.


Can you change it to a random password like Random1Two3 and then send me the details to see if I can connect.

If you have no important files on your site or haven’t started your site, you could delete the account and make it again kind of deal?


I already change it to Random1Two3 but still nothing happened. Already delete my site several times, Clear cache & cookies, ipconfig /flushdns and change my network. But still nothing happened.


If you change your account password to something random and PM your email and new password over I’ll have a lookie.



Account password or site password?


Main account when you login to with the email address.


@andrius or @martynas000 or another staff member might be able to advise.

Using correct username/password combination still getting error.

Tried turning FTP off/on various times, tried resetting password via settings a few times.

Web based won’t let in with the details either.

Made a new website alongside the non-working one and FTP on the new account works fine, so deleted it.


sadly. i already built many settings in my website. i dont want to waste my time to build it back again. currently i use File manager plugin for wordpress to access my ftp and it works good.

already change my password, reset the website, delete the database and create it again many times. Triple checks the name and password. it’s still not working accessing the ftp from