Contact form php doesn't send e-mails


I am trying a new message form, but each time I try another code, I get the thank you htm but no emails arrive


@a3051974 have you tried enabling “Send mail” from “setting – general”


I can’t find a button for “setting – general” on my dash board which is a free hosting


What is your website address?

Since your username begins with a I will assume you are on the old control panel which has a lot of functions disabled.

The new control panel has a general, settings menu which allows you to turn sendmail on.


If you’d rather not make a new account @ with a new email and resetup your site then I could advise you to try which shouldn’t need sendmail and should work instantly once setup.


the address is and is effectively on an old CP.
How can I get the new control panel.


You can try :slight_smile:

  1. Login to your old panel
  2. Go to migration page and proceed move account details.
  3. You will be able to login to old panel and new panel at the same time (Email address must be the same)
  4. Backup files to your computer via FTP
  5. Backup database to your computer via PHPMYADMIN
  6. Create new website in new panel
  7. Upload files and databases to new website.
    – Use file manager in Upload files section, How to upload files to 000webhost?
    How to create a MySQL database on 000webhost.
    How to Import MySQL Database on 000webhost
  8. Use old domain for your new website (Set Web Address section)
  9. Additionally, recheck if your website had cronjobs, redirects, password protected folders, IP deny rules, hotlink protections and setup it on new panel if needed.
  10. Setup mail forwarders if you use custom domain. This tutorial should help you out
  11. Setup subdomains. Check previous section Major changes between two system
  12. If everything is working correctly, terminate your old account and enjoy the new panel!


I have tried this but I need to send to different multiple recipients on several different pages


Create multiple forms? Create an email address i.e. then within Googlemail configure it to forward emails to five other addresses etc?

If you are trying script which sending to multiple addresses at the same time this could be the issue why it isn’t working; you might need to upgrade to premium to avoid limits.

Else try the new free control panel if you get it to migrate.


Thanks for the tip but I can’t see how to get the new control panel?


Does the tutorial above work?


Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I have another (paying) web site with Hosting24 with a different CP but it has no General Settings button?


The premium hosting doesn’t have the same panel as the old or new panel it has the premium panel.
If you are on the old panel you don’t have the function needed to change php or sendmail, the new panel does and the premium panel is just kept up to date and you can request a downgrade via support as far as I know.


I have tried the tutorial and appear to have a new panel according to my old panel transfer page but when I try to sign in using the button on this page, I get an old panel with my site still there but not a new one


I have at last managed to get into the new panel but uploading is taking ages and I keep getting timed out!


If you are paying for premium hosting for your one website you can park all other sites under that account included in the price, just hit park domain, type in your other domains, then upload their content within the specified folders and you can have five sites under the one account etc


Would the address be the same when parked?
I only set up the premium site because my site had disappeared for several months and it was impossible to set up a new one after countless attempts as it appeared that the hosting web site servers had been hacked.
My site contains family information and links to my family trees which are important to other family tree researchers and was originally set up for me by a friend in 2002 and only went off line last summer.
I can’t really afford to pay for hosting as I am not in business but retired.


If you already pay then parking is free, address will be if that is what it is it will be under your premium account