Correo modificado por 000webhost y ya no ingresan a


The new cpanel does not come out.
Only load the old cpanel.
Close everything, until the browser to open the new cpanel, but it does not open more than the old one


So what happens at


You must click cPanel

Then visit the move link by pasting it onto the cPanel URL at the top.


If everything you tell me was done and yet I get the same result is to say that only opening the old panel I will send the graphs.


Feel free to click Infinity then message & PM your email & password and I’ll have a lookie.



Very odd have you ever signed up to the control panel using the same email address by mistake?
People have created a new account with the same email as their old account and it will bug out and either 1) just take you to the old panel or 2) take you to the new panel without any sites.

Try this link:


What I did was all you told me to come and I migrated the information to the new information.


So have you access to the new panel?
Click Infinity & send over your details I’ll have a try



That is … “Click Infinity” where I find that, because I do not see any link or button.?




DNS ZONE edit will just pend because you don’t have your domain etc so nothing to update.


In other words, nothing can be done.


If you setup or .ml etc or etc or even buy a domain then you could set your email up and use or .com and just continue using the site you’ve got or you could backup and reupload to or .com etc.


Is this new panel that everyone is talking about a new Cpanel? Or is it the new modern looking ui that is a trimmed down set of features? I can’t get to the cpanel now. I wish I never upgraded.


@mattbju2013 new pannel look like this!!!


Ok thanks. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there is less functionality with the new panel although it looks great!


New panel is for beginners/basic users in my opinion, if you liked the old panel then get premium as you get official cPanel on premium :slight_smile: