Correo modificado por 000webhost y ya no ingresan a


Correct totally The functionality of many services has been lost and that these made feel flexibility and ease in handling the panel but now it is eliminated reduced and painted the functionality which makes it such is aesthetically acceptable but functionally an initiative with few good and no favorable results for That controls the control panel.


What a pity that there are no designers who consider the user experience with the interfaces of use in the panel so he observed less than basic and only as a sign that there is a panel that could handle certain functions in the hosting of a Website beyond that the functionality is null with few features and mainly with little idea of a user’s experience I am sorry to say what the server I do not know to handle at its full capacity and the user experience is appalling.


If you want all the features back and more and no limits then worth jumping onto premium -


It is preferable to continue with the old panel than to have a migration and not know what to do with so few resources enabled to operate the control panel.


Migration is automatic and the old panel will be closed eventually.


I close it for convenience I guess the organization or company because the new panel service is very poor I was watching the way the emails are added and it is lousy is too complicated and I really do not know if the truth will work earlier with the Old panel things were different were more accurate and reliable But I guess they do not suit you that service is free.


Premium panel looks like that - old panel, more features no limits.


wow…yes…excelente cpanel …demo!!!