CPU limit reached, 24h passed


Dear 000webhost,

A few days ago my website (galaktikusok.net16.net) started to redirect to cpu limit reached error page. It still doing this. I red about this, and it sad that it reset after 24 hour. It has allready been passed, but my site still out of order. Can you fix this? Here is my account details:
» Account Information
Domain galaktikusok.net16.net

I am looking forward for your answer and thank You for it:
Krisztián Kanyó


Can You just say something? My site still unavailable.


Have you a backup of your website?


on webhost, no I haven’t got


Of corse, i have got all the files on my local desktop, and have got SQL init script for creat database. However I haven’t got backup from database datas, but i think i still can access for them throught php myadmin. So what can I do?


If you visit


Then create a new email address

Then sign up to the 000webhost.com again

Make a new website

Re-upload your database/data and keep regular backups of your site.


My site is the same problem, it always redirect to “http://error404.000webhost.com/cpu-limit-reached.html”.
But my site is just a static website, I just use it to show prototype to other people.
I don’t know why it was happened.


As above follow instructions sorry.