CPU Limit Reached....(but minimum CPU Cycles required)


Every time I (or anybody else) navigates to my web page here, we get redirected to:

I have a small, simple site with just static html and a few jpg files…no PHP, database look ups or interaction of any kind…I am not sure how this uses precious CPU cycles…I have searched here and found many other similar threads, however none of them get resolved with any kind of answer…I am able to upload html files in the ControlPanel, but I just can’t view them in IE or Chrome…Is there any place on the ‘Dashboard’ to view the CPU Usage? Or any way to determine what uses the CPU cycles, and what is the limit, and how long is the time period? Does it reset at any point? I would think my site uses the absolute bare minimum CPU, so I would really like some answers please…Anybody?


What is your domain?


Hi…thank you for the reply…my domain is geronhockey.netau.net


Can you post a screenshot of your 000webhost control panel?


Sure…What exactly are you looking for?


This will sound silly when you click on parked domains does it give you the option to?


Hi James thanks for the reply…and no, not silly at all…a good idea, in fact…unfortunately, it says “Domain Parking is Disabled”…


Can’t you determine what causes your site to re-direct my traffic to http://error404.000webhost.com/cpu-limit-reached.html ? It doesn’t even seem like a real error condition…it just seems like my site is being directed here…


I think you are best off creating a new account with a new email and reuploading to save any more issues.