Crear mismo email que tenia antes de la migracion


No soy capaz de crear ningun email. Como debo hacerlo?

Si voy a MANAGE EMAILs y le doy a CREATE me salen estas 3 opciones:

+Park domain - Park domain to 000webhost nameservers. When you want to access your website without www (Recommended)
+Free subdomain - Shorten your website name choosing from a list of freely available subdomains. When you do not have your own domain
+Point domain - Have a domain name, but do not want to change namservers. When you want to have full control of your DNS zone

En ninguna consigo nada. Está Linkeada mi URL anterior con la nueva.


Hi @pikomule!

On the new cPanel you have two mail options.

  1. You can create an email forwarder. All e-mails sent to the chosen address will be redirected to the desired address. Go to cPanel > Manage emails > Create to set it up.

  2. You can configure another email provider to handle all your e-mails, such as Google, Zoho, ImprovMX. Please go to cPanel > Set web address > yourdomain > Set MX record to set it up.

Both methods require a parked domain.


I do not understand what “parked domain” is. I’m a FREE user


A parked domain is a domain url (such as ‘’ or ‘’) which you will associate with your 000webhost account, so that when people are accessing ‘’ or ‘’, this will display your website content.

You can grab a free domain from Freenom, or, if you want, you can buy a paid plan which will also give you an e-mail account for free :wink:


I can not create my old email?


Unfortunately you can’t.

The only way would be to park a domain first and then setup the e-mail forwarder from there or other MX records from different email providers.


thank you for the help