Database access from QGIS


Hello, i want to access my mysql database from QGIS who is a program for spatial information. It requires database host, but i cant find it.


Use localhost for host


@edit1 If you’re talking about remote mysql, then sorry :sweat:, this feature is not available to on 000webhost.

But Premium can solve your issue, if you want to connect to database remotely.


i want to access the database of my web aplication, from my program on my destop. when i use mysql from wamp i access it from my program just write localhost as host name on QGIS. but the database online i dont have any host to access it.


its same “localhost”


it dont work,because it want the url


any example, so that i can understand better


Capture12 i use this host, but and tis dont work


Hi @edit1!

What you are talking about is “remote MySQL Database connection” (accessing the database from other location than localhost), which is not supported on free plans. If you need such feature please consider buying a cheap paid plan, as suggested earlier: