Database not working here?


hi idk whyy my db is not working, i am using localhost where al worked, then i recreated the db and changed the db.php but is not working,

<?php $user = 'id4062919_pachi';
$password = '(my pass given from your)';
$db = 'id4062919_autos';
$host = 'localhost';
$port = 3306;

$link = mysqli_init();
$success = mysqli_real_connect(


This info looks correct. Have you tried resetting the database password?


by “cahngin password” ? yes i changed it but nothing ;(


Did you update it in the file then?



<?php require('db.php'); if (!$conn) { die("Connection failed: " . mysqli_connect_error()); } ?>



yes idk if you can access to my file lik staff but yes the password should match with the new one ;(


What is your website url? I will take a look.


i cahnged the pass and now didnt give the error but is not doing the command on mysql


for example UPDATE inventario SET mest = ‘$date’ WHERE user = ‘$id’ as you can see both exist, and if i do on local with mamp or with console of sql works


Please try again now.


did you removed the structure ? i will recreate it jjust dissapear


I just changed your DB password to see if that would work this time.


not working, after login should INSERT INTO inventario (user) VALUES (’$id64’) (id64 = steamo open id) on localhost working ;(


I will notify the developers. :wink:


what can i do ? :frowning:


A developer will reply to you shortly. :wink:


In the meantime, I have changed your database password back to the default. :slight_smile:


ty ! :smiley: i will wait !


btw do you know if i can remove the cache ? because i dont have any .httacces file yet but chrome is just generatiung cache files and i have to access from incognit mode ;(


If you use CloudFlare, yes you can. :slight_smile: